30 Perfect Days: Finding Abundance in Ordinary Life

30 Perfect Days: Finding Abundance in Ordinary Life
30 Perfect Days, Finding Abundance in Ordinary Life, is a story about the author's quest to live in the moment, make connections, and pay attention to what life has to offer. Like many of us, she would like a more interesting and meaningful life with a vision of what her mission is. But during an Artist's Way workshop, she wondered "what if we embrace the lives we have, day by day, trying to live each day as perfectly as possible?" By the end of her journey, Taller has learned lessons about forgiveness, faith, and acceptance, and knows first-hand that a change of approach can lead any seeker to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Once we embrace our life as it is, patterns begin to emerge and we start to see how our own behavior has taken us to where we are today and that we've created a life that is more stressful than it needs to be because we are worrying, working towards an unrealistic vision, keeping God out of it, not asking for help, and not being forgiving enough towards ourselves or others. Each chapter can be used for journaling and reflection. Like Sue Monk Kidd's Where the Heart Is, the book challenges the reader to live more in tune with who they, and the author demonstrates tools that help people achieve abundance in ordinary life.
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