Adventures of Arab, The

Adventures of Arab, The

Of all Mr. Timothy's horses on the old merry-go-round in the park, Arab was the most exciting. He seemed to go more swiftly and he easily jumped twice as high as the other carousel horses.

But Arab was not happy, and the only one who knew his secret was an old coach horse whose master, Mr. Bill, stopped each morning to chat with Mr. Timothy. Arab had had an adventurous life and now, though he loved the children, life was monotonous. He wanted to see new things. So -- well, the coach horse made a bargain with him and one day he slipped out of his harness and took the coach horse's place. What happend after that makes one of the jolliest and most unusual of stories.

The author's many illustrations in color add to the spontaneous gaiety of Arab's marvelous adventures.

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DJ Hardcover