The Anniversary

The Anniversary
What do you do when life has you in check? This is the question that Grandville, one of the fictional characters of the fictional novel The Anniversary, ponders as he struggles to come to terms with his mental health disorder and its impact on his family. Like Grandville, there are many Americans who feel like they are in check, in respect to getting assistance for a potential behavioral health disorder, while dealing with the fear of being labeled or stereotyped. The Anniversary Guide to Behavioral Health and Workbook is designed to be a supplement to the fictional novel The Anniversary, but even those who have not read the novel can benefit from the information contained within this valuable resource. This guide explores several topics related to mental health and substance abuse disorder, which include: warning signs, diagnoses, treatment options, advocacy and self-care options. The exercises provide real-world examples and allow the reader to demonstrate their knowledge of the material. This workbook also contains discussion questions for the novel The Anniversary, and is a valuable resource for the individual who wants to gain a basic understanding of behavioral health and its related topics.
Publication Date: 
April 15, 2018