Book of Shi-Ji 3 (USED)

Book of Shi-Ji 3 (USED)
Between February 4, 2019 and February 20, 2019, Shi-Ji the Pleiadian wrote this book through Peter Maxwell Slattery. Observation of your thoughts and learning to come from the heart are explained in this book, along with an explanation as to why we are where we are, and how to overcome whatever is holding us back from going to the next level of consciousness, individually and as a collective. A conglomerate of channelings from Shi-ji, Source, the Elohim, Angels, the Star Nations, The Lords of Light, the Councils, and the Brotherhoods came through during the writing of this book. Following on from the International Bestsellers The Book of Shi-Ji and The Book of Shi-Ji 2, this book contains messages to help reawaken the God within and live in the knowledge that love is the key.
Publication Date: 
May 7, 2019
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