Call Fitz
Think your husband is unfaithful? Call Fitz.Niccolo 'Fitz' Fitzhugh is the retired cop who runs Fitzhugh Investigations, whose business revolves around digging up dirt for local divorce lawyers. He knows, maybe better than anyone, how an unfaithful male thinks. After all, his police career came to an abrupt end when he slept with the police chief's slinky wife-and he's sleeping on his office couch because his own wife, cellist and college professor Dr. Grace Darcy, believes he hasn't changed his ways.But getting a suspected murderer off? That's not in his usual wheelhouse. When a local attorney, Jim Ambrosi hires him to prove his client Michael Atwater isn't the killer of hooker Gina Cantolini, Fitz must get to the bottom of a tangled web of small town politics and a dark, dark tale of family secrets and revenge. But at what cost?
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