Currency of Empathy

Currency of Empathy

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Our country is divided in so many ways, with a growing chasm between men and women.

The news cycle is discouraging. Emotional and physical toxicity is at an all-time high. We're all starting to feel it in some shape or form, and many of us are struggling with how to keep our children protected from it all.

The problem is we're suffering from an empathy deficit.

But the really good news is there's a way out.

Healing starts with re-examining our modern myths about how we work, what "quality time" at home really means, and why the age-old battle of the sexes persists.

We can't continue down the path of least resistance. We need to carve a new way.

Currency of Empathy sets the stage for that new way by tackling disturbingly common issues like:

  • The fact that 70% of people say they are disengaged at work
  • The rise in anxiety and depression in children
  • The lack of women in leadership
  • And so many more headline-dominating crises!
  • But here's the real kicker - it's not about gender - it's about nurturing empathy in our children and ourselves so we can help shape and mold happier, healthier, more productive communities and societies.

    What is the hope of this book? That we all start valuing caring - especially parenting - in a way that helps us reprioritize how we spend our time, grow the superpower of affective empathy in children and adults, and heal our empathy deficit.

    It's that simple, even if it doesn't seem easy, but we're willing to bet this book is the motivator you've been waiting for.

    Currency of Empathy already at work:

    "The revolution of the future will hinge on the empathy-inducing "co-creation" explained so masterfully and entertainingly in these pages."

    "If someone feels that they could use some advice on improving their quality of life - this book is an answer."

    "This book is academic without being dense and warm without being overly sentimental or new-agey."

    "... an uplifting, inspiring book. It makes you think. It makes you smile. And it makes you feel more hopeful than you did before you picked it up!"

    "The book will cause you to self-examine. It will provoke you to think, and think again."

    Healing Stories: My Journey From Mainstream Psychiatry Toward Spiritual Healing (signed)

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    Redeeming Wasted Years: A Move from Time-Wasted to Time-Valued Living

    Redeeming Wasted Years: A Move from Time-Wasted to Time-Valued Living

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    Are you concerned about time slipping through your fingers like wet sand in the ocean's tide? Like other precious resources, our time must be protected from loss, from theft, and from waste. Most humans are acquainted with fear of running out of time. Each measured movement by the hands of the clock take us closer to being out of time and into eternity.

    Redeeming Wasted Years will help you identify time wasters and help move you into a life of placing proper value on your time. It will alleviate the despair you may be experiencing over months or years of living outside of purpose, and help you anchor your hope in the gracious redemptive power of God. You will be warned about a road called Regret and learn that on this journey, U-Turns are allowed. The Lord is a Redeemer, and he alone can redeem your wasted years!