Chameleon Girl

Chameleon Girl

Adapt and thrive--this is the way of the Chameleon.

With a less than idyllic childhood shrouded behind her, Nora Horvath finds confidence and strength in the life she's created for herself. Needs, not names, are what interests this self-possessed woman, and that's exactly the way she likes it. Between her hobbies, her work, and her intimate circle of confidants, there is literally nothing Nora desires from the outside world--let alone a long forgotten one.

As a firefighter, Nora knows better than most that heat rises. After a terrifying rescue jostles free the memories of a traumatic and abusive past, Nora is forced to pursue the demons who beckon her back into the shadowy realm of this new trauma. As she ascends into the inferno of her past, she begins to discover just how much heat she can handle.

Feverishly, Nora attempts to maintain her tight grip on the things she holds dear, and considers everything else to be... trivial. After all, a chameleon only changes color when it's frightened, and nothing can rattle the likes of Nora Horvath. Not even the truth.

Stunning, powerful, and complex, Chameleon Girl is a novel so big it occupies dual worlds. Igniting passion and intrigue, this psychological thriller transcends the genre as a champion of emotional intelligence and feminist narrative. Journey into the darkest and most complex aspects of the human experience as you witness this incredible cast of characters change, adapt, and show their true colors in Liz Ferro's bewitching debut novel. Grab your copy today!

Publication Date: 
May 21, 2021
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