Chasing Navah

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A year has passed since Navah Dickson's once perfect buppie life was destroyed by her love for neighborhood drug dealer and street corner thug, Richard, and Navah is finally ready to live again. After a stint in rehab, and working tirelessly at a local women's shelter helping women like herself find their way back, she is finally ready to start rebuilding the life she lost. But, when Richard's brother, Boogie, is released from prison and comes looking to avenge Richard's death, Navah finds herself in the fight of her life, not only against Boogie, but her own demons. With the help of Shauna, once one of her biggest foes, her best friends Bebe and Marie, who rush back from Atlanta to Cleveland to be by her side, and new friend and next-door neighbor, Toni, Navah shakes off the fear that has held her hostage to her past and opens up her heart once again to the possibility of love.
Publication Date: 
February 12, 2019