Chosen: the New Order

Chosen: the New Order

Bryce Blooms has found himself in the children's hospital again, checked-in for yet another short, albeit routine, stint for an unknown and nagging ailment. But when an odd stranger begins wandering the hospital hallways, Bryce and his friends discover they are at the center of an interdimensional hunt and are more than just human; they are Chosen. As the Grim and the hunters of Endland battle at the hospital for the right to claim the Chosen children as their own, the boys are transported to the Realm of Endland, where they quickly discover there are far more than just two sides seeking their abilities. Squabbling wizards, arrogant kings, amusing exiles, and mythical monsters all are vying for control of the young Chosen as well. With the help of an enigmatic hermit, Bryce and his friends look to establish a New Order, one set on bringing balance to the Realm and combating the dark and mysterious forces of the Grim. Should they fail, not only will Endland be ensnared in the shadow of the Grim King, but so too will the rest of the interdimensional space beyond, including Earth and those they left behind.

Publication Date: 
November 5, 2021
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