Create Naturally

Create Naturally
Meet 15 makers who present their personal stories of how nature inspires and enhances their creativity. They will walk readers through the importance of creating work that taps into a mind, body, and spirit connection. The makers in this book include
  • Bethann Burton (nature journaling)
  • James Brunn (temporary natural art installations)
  • Judith Content (textile art)
  • Nick Neddo (primitive art and art tools)
  • Jan Hopkins (basketry)
  • Meredith Woolnough (needlework)
  • Alice Fox (basketry and weaving)
  • Munir Jones (3D weaving)
  • Nicole Dextras (clothing)
  • Maleah Bretz (woven wall art)
  • Lorraine Roy (embroidery)
  • Frank Kraljik (astral photography)
  • Carrie Anne K'iinuwaas Vanderhoop (weaving)
  • Kari Lonning (basketry)
  • Barbara Schneider (mixed media)
  • Makers can create works that integrate natural materials as well as recycled and repurposed objects. Get the feeling of having a personal and creative conversation with the makers while you take a walk through nature with them.
    Publication Date: 
    November 22, 2022
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