Dancing in Cadillac Light

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Set against a backdrop of a small town in Texas in 1968, Kimberly Willis Holt's fourth novel brims with quirky Southern characters and the wisdom and humor that are her trademarks. 11-year-old Jaynell, called "Boy" by her father, is tough and cranky, and very different from her sister, Racine, a girly-girl with a butt-twisting walk and "a hole in her head as big as Texas". But both of them have learned a thing or two about poor people like the Pickens family that lives in a shack on the wrong side of town. "Never, never eat anything at a Pickens' house", their momma tells them.

Fact is, nobody in Moon, Texas, has much, but everybody is real aware of who's got what and how much. Except for Grandpap. He comes to live with her family after Grandma dies, and he always makes time to visit with the Pickens, even after he buys a '62 emerald green Cadillac convertible.

When Grandpa dies, the entire family learns his secret: he has given away his house to the Pickens. And Jaynell learns another secret about Grandpap that changes the way she will look at poverty forever.

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DJ Hardcover