David and the Phoenix

David and the Phoenix
The only edition authorized by Edward Ormondroyd, including a foreword he also wrote. Fully illustrated with the original drawings by Joan Raysor.

With a tremendous surge of its wings, the Phoenix managed to seize a branch. David's leg slipped from the bird's back, and he dangled over the abyss.

Thus ends the near-disaster of their first flight together. But don't underestimate the Phoenix! Failure only makes David's new-found friend determined to get into shape so that David's education for Life can proceed. And get into shape the fabulous bird does, with a lot of effort. But just as they conclude their first successful (and very scary) adventure, the Scientists appears.

Don't underestimate the Scientist, either. He is just as stubborn as the Phoenix, and is driven by one obsession: to become famous by capturing the mythic bird. And if his traps don't work, he is fully prepared to shoot the Phoenix...

Publication Date: 
May 5, 2005