Divisible Man

Divisible Man

The media calls it a "miracle" when air charter pilot Will Stewart survives an aircraft in-flight breakup, but Will's miracle pales beside the stunning aftereffect of the crash. After waking in a hospital with no memory of the crash, Will finds himself experiencing a morphine-induced hallucination in which he is floating weightless six feet above the hospital bed, and his body has vanished. Things become even crazier when he deduces that it was not, in fact, a hallucination.

Barely on his feet again, Will begins carefully exploring and learning to control his ability to vanish, and the potentially dangerous way in which gravity ceases to have an effect on him in the vanished state. In the midst of all this, an NTSB and FAA investigation into the crash threatens to end his career as a pilot, and worse--Will and his police sergeant wife Andy must race to rescue an innocent child from a heinous abduction.

Will penetrates the dark world of urban gangs in the opioid trade while struggling to control a fantastic tool for justice--and praying it doesn't kill him first.

DIVISIBLE MAN is a page-turning thriller laced with humor and heart told from a perspective seen only in your wildest dreams.

Publication Date: 
May 14, 2022