Divisible Man - The Sixth Pawn

Divisible Man - The Sixth Pawn

When the Essex County "Wedding of the Century" erupts in gunfire, a random shooting sends Will and Andy Stewart after a criminal element no one could have foreseen. A grisly discovery turns their pursuit into a mission to avenge innocent lives lost. Will explores the extraordinary aftereffect of surviving a devastating airplane crash - his ability to vanish - while Andy works a case obstructed by powerful people wielding the sinister influence of unlimited money in politics.

DIVISIBLE MAN - THE SIXTH PAWN takes you on a wild ride that pits Will, Andy and Essex County's best pilot, Pidge, against a murderer with a permanent perfect alibi. Gripping, yet spiced with humor, THE SIXTH PAWN proves that payback can be a beautiful bitch.

Author Howard Seaborne writes, flies airplanes and helicopters, and takes you on a twisted path in this, the second DIVISIBLE MAN novel.

The DIVISIBLE MAN Series in Order:

DIVISIBILE MAN is the origin story of Will Stewart and his ability to vanish.

DIVISIBLE MAN: THE SIXTH PAWN is the second heart-pounding thrill ride in the series.

DIVISIBLE MAN: THE SECOND GHOST goes to heart-stopping heights in high-rise Chicago.

DIVISIBLE MAN: THE SEVENTH STAR encounters the high cost of conspiracy believers.

DIVISIBLE MAN: TEN MAN CREW uncovers a long-forgotten Cold War mystery.

DIVISIBLE MAN: THE THIRD LIE puts Will and Andy at the heart of a national crime.

DIVISIBLE MAN: THREE NINES FINE launches a race against an attack on justice itself.

DIVISIBLE MAN - EIGHT BALL pits Will and Andy against a cold-blooded serial sniper.

DIVISIBLE MAN - ENGINE OUT & OTHER SHORT FLIGHTS - a short story collection.

DIVISIBLE MAN - NINE LIVES LOST a sweeps Will into the world of hoaxes and conspiracies.

Publication Date: 
May 20, 2022