Elijah Goes to Cleveland

Elijah Goes to Cleveland

Elijah is in Cleveland visiting his grandparents when he finds out that his favorite music band is having a concert at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The band is giving out free tickets but the catch is that you have to find the band members at various landmarks throughout Cleveland.

Mark Darden is an author and sports travel blogger from Columbus, Ohio and founder and Chief Content Creator for Buckeye Muscle Media, LLC. Since 2017, Mark has documented his sports travel adventures on his blog, buckeyemuscle.com. Originally from Cleveland, Mark is a self-published author who released his first book, IT’S GAME TIME FOLKS!: Quest for 30 in January 2019. It is a travelogue of his journey visiting all 30 MLB ballparks during the 2017 season. Elijah Goes to Cleveland is Buckeye Muscle Media's first children's book.

Publication Date: 
September 27, 2021