Fat Chance
Fat Chance by Angela Crook Belinda "Bebe" Jones thinks she has it all. After years of hard work and even harder choices, she has worked her way out of the hood, and into Cleveland's middle class. She has a successful career, a devoted son, and enough money in the bank to ensure that her son will never know her struggles firsthand. But now she realizes that somewhere along the way the girl who set out to conquer the world has chosen to eat it instead. When she looks in the mirror, instead of seeing the svelte girl she remembers, it looks as if a fat stranger has swallowed her whole, leaving only her familiar eyes to peer out from inside. For longer than she cares to think about, Bebe has been ignoring her own needs while she has taken care of her son, looked out for her sister Maria, who is always involved in one drama after another, and served as a sounding board for her best friend, Navah. When Bebe receives an email from her first love, her secret loneliness is revealed and she, with a little help from Navah and Maria, set out to reclaim her life, along with her body, as she searches for the one thing that money can't buy----love.
Publication Date: 
February 21, 2016