Flyers (Used, AK)

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All his life, Gabe Riley has heard about sightings of ghosts and swamp monsters at Blood Red Pond, but he knows the green, scaly creature that attacks Ray McPherson's old Buick one night isn't real. It's just crazy Rosasharn, getting carried away with his leading role in Gabe and his friend Bo's latest horror movie.

But it's not so easy to explain some of the other curious things that start happening. What secret is Gabe's younger brother Ethan hiding from him? Why are food and clothers disappearing from their home? And who or what is behing the strange lights in old Mr. Lindstrom's supposedly empty farmhouse?

Gabe is determined to find the anwers to these questions. The trouble is, Gabe wants to stay as far away from Mr. Lindstrom's place as possible--until he sees Ethan enter the deserted house.

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DJ Hardcover