Freedom Beyond the Sea (Used, Ai)

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Fleeing the Spanish Inquisition, a Jewish girl disguises herself and signs on as a ship's boy, little knowing that she is headed for unknown waters with Christopher Columbus.
In Spain at the end of the 15th century, Jews are persecuted, robbed, expelled from their homes, and murdered. Esther, the daughter of the rabbi of Cordoba, flees from home dressed as a boy. She is the only one in her family who escapes the bloodhounds of the Inquisition.
Esther is lucky: Through craft and bribery, she manages to sign on as a ship's boy to get out of the country. At last she thinks she is safe. But she soon finds out that her ship is on a dangerous journey, sailing west across the ocean into unknown waters, searching for a new route to India. Her captain's name? Christopher Columbus -- a man who proves to have a keen eye for deception. It seems only a question of time before he discovers Esther's secret.
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DJ Hardcover