F.U.C.K. Your Insecurities

F.U.C.K. Your Insecurities
What Doesn't Define You Will Never Hold You Back!

As a distant cousin to The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, F*ck Feelings, Unfu*k Yourself, and You are a Badass comes this brutally honest guide to shoving aside your insecurities and self-doubt to finally take advantage of your best qualities and do what the hell you want.

The mass media and society in general has you believing that you aren't "good enough" if you don't have the perfect body, impressive degrees and flashy materialistic crap. No bigger lie has ever been told, because everyone is hopelessly flawed and you have a lot to offer!

Do you believe other people are better than you? Have you ever been too damn afraid to approach someone of the opposite sex for a date? Have you been afraid to try something because you feared failure or rejection?

This book solves those problems.

Personal development writer Deante Young spent decades being ripped to shreds by his own insecurities of his self-proclaimed "equator length waistline" and "the portable tool inside his trousers," before figuring out how to overcome that constant humiliation. Often hilarious and occasionally shocking, Young uncovers the dirty truth about what's holding you back.

In F.U.C.K. Your Insecurities, you will learn several key things:

  • The one thing you need that is far more important than confidence to succeed
  • Why people you think are better than you actually admire the hell out of you
  • The four step process of handling your insecurities and make them irrelevant
  • How to write the ultimate love letter to yourself
  • Why your biggest inspiration should be your infant self
  • How to turn your "shortcomings" into your ultimate weapon

  • And much more!

    Stop underestimating yourself and your worthiness. Click BUY NOW and let F.U.C.K. Your Insecurities! guide you to your ultimate freedom--Self-belief!

    Publication Date: 
    March 26, 2021