Ghost In My Soup

Ghost In My Soup
Ten year old Scott's troubles start the day he and his family move to Chagrin Falls. His best friend is now far away, he's stuck in a school he hates and all the popular boys ignore him. Plus, strange things start to happen in his new house. Someone moves his games around, eats half the cornbread, steals the bread knife and lets his little brother out the front door. Nobody can figure it out. Until Scott sees an old man in his room and his parents one! It's a ghost! A groaning, clanking and much too helpful ghost. A ghost named Malcolm. And since his parents can't see Malcolm, Scott gets blamed for everything the spunky ghost does. Now Scott's whole life is nothing but a bunch of trouble. What's going to happen next? Well, Malcolm has a few spirited ideas...
0553153102 (9780553153101)
Publication Date: 
August 1, 1985