Gloria Plevin: Art and Essays

Gloria Plevin: Art and Essays
The scope and beauty of Gloria Plevin's work are revealed in this gorgeous catalog that springs from a major retrospective at ARTneo: The Museum of Northeast Ohio Art. The book's 106 color reproductions highlight the best paintings, pastels, prints and drawings from the artist's five-decade career. A prominent painter of Northeast Ohio and Chautauqua County, Plevin's still lifes, portraits, botanicals, and Chautauqua landscapes grow from her desire to show us the places, people, pets, and things she loves. According to Butler Institute of American Art curator Robert L. Kurtz, "Plevin creates an art of astounding beauty, an art whose power forces the viewer to look anew at what are often ordinary objects." Inspired by Mary Cassatt, Pierre Bonnard, and Fairfield Porter, Gloria Plevin is one of the small group of American artists who rejected 20th century trends toward abstract and conceptual art, choosing instead to advance art's power to capture and celebrate the life around us. The artist's short essays offer insight into her process for creating specific works along with reflections on art, nature, family, and country life. This splendid catalog is an essential resource for anyone interested in Gloria Plevin's art as well as a wonderful treat for art-lovers, artists, and aspiring artists alike. Includes introductions by William Busta and ARTneo curator Christopher Richards, photos of the artist in her studio, and a detailed chronology of Plevin's career.
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