Harv (Signed 1st edition)

Harv (Signed 1st edition)
Harv (Signed 1st edition)

Don Robertson was a true Clevelander. He was born and raised in Cleveland, and after stints in the Army and one year at Harvard, he returned to Cleveland and attended Case Western Reserve University for one year. He then became a reporter and columnist for The Plain Dealer (1950-1955 and 1963-1966), The Cleveland News (1957–1959), and The Cleveland Press (1968–1982). He wrote 18 published novels, most of which took place in Cleveland and the fictional town of Paradise Falls, Ohio. Robertson is probably best known for his trio of novels featuring Morris Bird III: The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread (1965), The Sum and Total of Now (1966), and The Greatest Thing That Almost Happened (1970).

Although Robertson declares on his title page that Harv is a novel, its first chapter admits that the book is a loose collection of stories. In 40 anecdotes Harv describes the progress of his life from toilet training at age two to the blindness which forces him to return to diapers at age 65. In the meantime, he proposes to a prostitute who befriends him, falls into the grave at a funeral, saves kittens from freezing, and eventually marries the childhood girlfriend who knocked out two of his teeth. Harv frequently combines bawdy humor with nostalgia and tenderness. [Library Journal, 1985]

Cleveland: John T. Zubal, Inc. Publishers, 1985. Signed by author. F/F

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