HerBrina, THE Amazing!

HerBrina, THE Amazing!
Book Description

HerBrina, THE Amazing is a sweet, sassy, smart little black girl who LOVES her name. She is starting a new school and is nervous to introduce herself to her class. Because EVERYONE has trouble saying her name. That doesn't stop her from using her superpower of confidence to teach her new friends and teacher how to correctly say her name. Even with a little spice added to it!

For all the little black girls who have BIG names... This book is for you!

About the Author


An Energy. A Personality. A Force to be Reckoned with.

Some call it passion. HerBrina calls it a way of life! From serving on a variety of Young Professional Boards and working on her fitness, it's undeniable that she has a voracious appetite for life!

You can find her nose deep in a book or forks deep in her brunch plate in her spare time!

Everything HerBrina puts forth prioritizes being active in her community and advocating for balanced mental, emotional and physical healthcare. It's only right for us all to adopt her motto: "Try everything twice- just in case your first impression was wrong!"

A woman of her word, filled with purpose, devotion, and diligence, HerBrina looks for and creates opportunities to be of service to others. Her passion for education and literacy is evident through her love of children's books. She is excited to be debuting her first children's book and can't wait for the world to fall in love with HerBrina, THE Amazing.

Publication Date: 
November 29, 2022
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