I Met a Guy

Valencia Joy, affectionately known as Vee, is best known for her witty comebacks, inspiring others to Stay in Their Joy because God said they could, and for sparking healthy relationship debates between the opposite sexes. Forever a conversationalist and a lover of the wonderful, and sometimes complicated, world of being a female, Vee is bringing the conversation to your home. Do you need to wail to God? Vee will pray on your behalf. Would you like to slap Eve? Vee has saved you a space in line. Have you met a guy? It's time to spill the tea.

In the way that only Vee could, she's pushing the boundaries of all things taboo to talk about as a woman, like the pure joy of walking around without panties. Speaking of joy, how do you self-care? Do you self-care? Should you self-care?

In her comedic debut release, Vee is telling it like it is and leaving the boundaries behind because even if we don't want to, we still may have to deal with things such as miscarriages, divorces, and periods. Regardless of where you are on your sisterhoodship journey, grab your drink, some food, and stretch out. It's time to discuss sex, waist trainers, and bras with your favorite SisterGirlfriend.

Publication Date: 
December 31, 2020
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