#iBetOnMe The Power of Discipline

#iBetOnMe The Power of Discipline

#iBetOnMe: The Power of Discipline is a seasonal devotional that presents five "seasons" (not chapters) of unknown motivational quotes and passages that define our thoughts, actions and reactions to actively climbing yet another mountain of success. These quotes inspire the reader, as the passages stimulate their mind and interests, transitioning from hoarding thoughts to putting pen to paper. Discipline is an interactive book that expresses the importance of organization, actively engaging with what the reader is reading and giving ample space to define why remaining disciplined is so important to achieving our definition of success. This book was written to trigger our thoughts, ask ourselves questions and most importantly, answer those very questions, because we are in control of our ascend. The power of Discipline means a lot to me, it's the noun I leaned on heavily when not only climbing my first mountain, but it was my sanity to climb down, search out another mountain and climb again. Now at the top of yet another success this interactive body of work is part two that can serve as a journal or inspiration to creative our very own book, I did, why can't you?

Author: I'm Coach Donte' Davis, college head men's basketball coach who created a brand predicated towards self-motivation. My drive and motivation to achieve a manifestation transformed into a lifestyle and career. My #iBetOnMe brand slowly metastasized from a simple thought to my full-fledged confidence, taking over my mentality and reactions towards my definition of success. The game of basketball has always been in my life, after successfully playing college basketball I knew coaching the game was my calling. I didn't play at the highest level, yet I knew I was capable of coaching at the division one level. My goal of accomplishing that manifestation became an obsession, that's when #iBetOnMe was created. I decided to combine the aspects of my successful college playing career along with what it took to graduate college to fuel the direction of achieving the goal at hand. Coaching at the highest level would require more in-depth motivation, thought process and strategic discipline. Hence the titles of my books; (The Power of Self-Motivation & The Power of Discipline). After achieving that goal, I knew there was more to accomplish, being the head coach of a college program was now on my radar. Sitting at the top of that mountain of success, I have one more mountain to climb. These books are a microcosm of what it takes to not only achieve our definition of success, but what it takes to learn on the way up, with our sights set on exceeding all expectations.

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