#iBetOnMe The Power of Self-Motivation

#iBetOnMe The Power of Self-Motivation
#iBetOnMe The Power of Self-Motivation

The word "manifest" is the underlying purpose of not just my book, but my blog, website, and my personal journey. What I manifested drove me to sacrifice more than I'd ever thought. It forced me to work harder than I knew and it tightened my focus. It developed into an obsession. Its why we are talking today. So "Hello" to everyone who is taking the time to read my thoughts, navigate through my journey, all while sharing every inch of your own progress with me. This book is entirely interactive. #iBetOnMe is for everyone who's ever second-guessed their ability to reach their definition of success. Every quote identifies a stage of progression. Every passage defines my thoughts, ideas, struggles, and successes. The empty lines labeled "thoughts" are for you. As you read, jot down your thoughts and past failures ... and where you're heading. This will help you to successfully navigate through your journey. Welcome to the beginning of your progression! Take advantage of your thoughts. Question the path you're taking and enjoy every moment of having the control of reaching a goal you've manifested.

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