What do you have if you don't even have yourself?

Rory Walsh, born into his parents' brood, has had his entire life documented through the lens of his mother, Nora. Like any mother, Nora wants the best for her son, curating a social profile for him that will guarantee his acceptance into their traditionalist brood, forever.

But the version of him that Nora has created doesn't exist.

The Rory Walsh everyone sees when they look at him is not the true Rory Walsh. He doesn't belong in the brood for which he's been bred, nor in the virtual skin he's been given. In defiance, Rory goes on a journey to override the Accessible internet Product, or AIP, system, to find a way to create his own identity. With the help of his best friend, he sets out to leave the world he's known on an adventure to find a better he can call his own. Will he make it, or will the trek destroy him?

Identifiable is a science fiction novel about people ascribing to, or contradicting, narratives-their darkness, their shortcomings, as well as their capacity to love.

Publication Date: 
December 1, 2021
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