Jackie the Penguin Goes to Madagascar: Jackie Meets the Animals of Madagascar and Learns to Care About Nature

Jackie the Penguin Goes to Madagascar: Jackie Meets the Animals of Madagascar and Learns to Care About Nature

"Wonderful adventure to Madagascar! Safari to see frolicking lemurs, beautiful baobab trees, and changeable chameleons and learn all about them while you are reading! This book is fun for all ages." - Dr. Patricia Wright, Distinguished Professor of Conservation Biology at Stony Brook University, Founder and Executive Director of the Centre ValBio Research Station, Ranomafana Madagascar, and a winner of the Indianapolis Prize for Animal Conservation.

This book is for children and their parents who love animals and want to learn more about the diverse wildlife of our planet. It is a captivating story told by a small African penguin called Jackie who, together with his two human friends, departs on a journey throughout the magical island of Madagascar. Our heroes came in search of unusual and mysterious animals, and they will not be disappointed.

Young readers are invited to join Jackie and meet adorable lemurs, colorful chameleons, tiny frogs, strange insects, beautiful birds, and other fascinating wildlife. No matter whether large or small, these creatures are very special because most of them do not exist anywhere else on Earth.

It comes as no surprise that Jackie falls in love with these animals, especially after learning many interesting facts about them. But at the same time, he observes scorched and bare land, where not so long ago there stood a forest full of life. Eventually, Jackie begins to understand the importance of protecting the environment.

A child's learning can and should be fun. With this idea in mind, Alex Shaland wrote "Jackie the Penguin Goes to Madagascar" and the previous book, "Jackie the Penguin Goes on Safari." Both books are part of the Adventures of Jackie the Penguin series, where bright color photographs accompany vivid descriptions of all exotic animals and help the child "see" the world through the eyes of their new friend, Jackie the Penguin.

Publication Date: 
August 5, 2023
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