Joshua: Breaking Free

Joshua: Breaking Free

Sometimes it takes going back to finally BREAK FREE.

After fleeing the Theosian authorities and acclimating to their new home, teenage aliens Joshua and Mani have at long last carved out lives for themselves on Earth. With a circle of human friends more supportive than they ever imagined, Joshua and Mani discover true friendship is universal. And, for Joshua, so is true love, in the form of an Earthling named Emma.

But the Theosian authorities are not so easily thwarted. The decree of no first contact with Earth must be upheld. A spy sent to Earth aims to find, capture, and return Joshua and Mani to Theos for prosecution.

To protect Mani, safeguard his human friends, and preserve his idyllic existence with the love of his life, Joshua risks going back in order to finally BREAK FREE.

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Joshua: Life After Theos (Book 1 in the series) was a finalist in the 2019 Next Generation Indie Book Competition in the category of Young New Adult (ages 17+).

Publication Date: 
February 10, 2019