Long Night of Leo and Bree

Long Night of Leo and Bree
Leo is angry. It's the fourth anniversary of the brutal murder of his sister. He keeps visualizing pictures of her stabbed body, which he can't get out of his mind. To escape his mother, who's been crazy since the murder and is even worse tonight, Leo drives through the streets in a rage.

Bree is "slumming" in a working-class town near her affluent one. She wants an evening to herself, without her mother or boyfriend telling her what to do.

Leo spots Bree, wonders why she should be alive when his sister isn't, and in an instant, takes her hostage.

In the course of a long night, full of terror and honesty and emotion, Leo and Bree bare their souls, face some truths, and respond to each other in unexpected ways.

Ellen Wittlinger, known for creating distinct teen voices in her fiction, is at her best here in this short, intense look at one night that changes two teens' lives.

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DJ Hardcover