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What's scarier for Rust Belt PI Niccolo Fitzhugh? A dead body in the back of burning car or waking up in bed with prosecutor Alicia Linnerman after a blistering drunk? Fitz's life has been turned upside the death of his beloved wife Gracie. Outside of work, he's holed up at home alone, drowning in his grief. But sex with Alicia has her thinking there might be something more-something Fitz needs to shut down and shut down fast. When a stripper from one of Fawcettville's topless joints turns down witness protection for testifying against a murderer and then comes up missing, it's an easy conclusion the body in the trunk is hers. Or is it? Fracking has come to Fawcettville, and with it a boom-town rise in crime. One man's search for his daughter may look like the act of a caring father, but Fitz has his doubts about the case-and where his relationship with Alicia could go.
Publication Date: 
June 6, 2016