Midnight Guardian : Hour of Darkness

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WHO PROTECTS YOUR CITY IN THE HOUR OF DARKNESS?In the days of Prohibition, mobster and racketeer Nicholas Diamond-aka Nicky Dynamite-held Union City in an iron grip of fear. But in a heroic moment on a summer night in 1922, one good cop stood his ground and sacrificed his life to stop Diamond's relentless advance and protect his city.More than a decade later, Diamond is back and determined to reestablish power by building an organization even more widespread and nefarious than his alcohol empire of old. Leaving an explosive calling card wherever he strikes, his exact whereabouts remain a mystery to the police.Enter Jack Hunter, Union City's up-and-coming assistant district attorney. He's fiercely committed to taking Diamond down by any means necessary, even if he has to bend the rules to do it. When Hunter acquires advanced technology that pushes his natural abilities to a level that's more than human, he dives headlong into the gray area between law and justice and becomes a defender of a different kind.Will Hunter be strong enough and fast enough to stop a madman so obsessed with controlling the city that he's willing to destroy it?The answer lies somewhere in the Hour of Darkness.Join author John C. Bruening for New Pulp thrills and adventure in his debut novel, a work Jim Beard (SGT. JANUS, CAPTAIN ACTION) calls "pulp world-building at is high-octane finest!"
Publication Date: 
June 30, 2019