No Beard or Bowtie Required: Cocktails for the Craft-Curious

No Beard or Bowtie Required: Cocktails for the Craft-Curious

No Beard or Bowtie Required - Cocktails for the Craft Curious chronicles the drinksmithing career of Tim Harnett, who began as a budding home mixologist that evolved into a well-recognized professional mixologist. Along the way, he discovered that a groomed beard and proper silk bowtie were helpful traits for the trade. But it also struck him that anyone can follow the same learning path without the sartorial wardrobe.

This book compacts a great deal of bartending acumen into a modest 140 pages. It covers the essential tools, skills and spirits you'll need to bartend properly at home. It also provides nearly 90 of Harnett's signature cocktail recipes with dazzling photography of each drink. The book begins with simpler drink builds and riffs on classics that marked the early days of his bar career. Reading forward, you'll discover more complex creations devoted to specific spirits, and cocktail genres such as tiki.

No Beard will help you hurdle some common missteps in home bartending, and also teach you some simple syrup and spirit infusion recipes that provide the building blocks of great cocktails. Admittedly, it also contains more curse words than your average cocktail book. But honestly, who doesn't swear?

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