Olly & The Spores of Oak Hill

Olly & The Spores of Oak Hill
Readers' Favorite Book Awards Silver Medal, Page Turner Award for Best Middle Grade Fiction, Finalist in the International Book Awards, Bookfest Winner for the audiobook

"This book is Just. Plain. Fun. Witty and whimsical"-Kristine L., Reedsy Discovery

5-stars: "Fun, Delightful Perfection"-Terri Stepek, Reader Views

Olly and his new friend, Ember, fight off school bullies, greedy mall developers, and nosy townspeople to protect their secret - that there's a community of nature-loving creatures that have peacefully lived under Oak Hill for hundreds of years.

When Oliver (Olly) Appleton's grandfather dies in a suspicious accident, his family decides to move to Littleton, Massachusetts, to care for the family estate. Once there, they discover they need to protect their land from a greedy mall developer, Henry Dalton.

Sitting atop Oak Hill, the estate sits in an enchanted wooded sanctuary known for unusual activities and superstitions involving mythical creatures - rumors passed down since the Nipmuc people roamed the land.

When Olly and his new friend, Ember, run into trouble with school bullies, the creatures known as Spores step in to protect them. Through their adventures, Olly and Ember build friendships with members of the Spore community and discover a common goal. They must work together quickly to protect Oak Hill from Henry Dalton or lose their homes forever.

Publication Date: 
November 9, 2022
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