Personal Trainer: A Tale of Pain, Gain, Greed, & Lust

Personal Trainer: A Tale of Pain, Gain, Greed, & Lust
In Upper Arlington, Ohio, an affluent suburb just outside of Columbus, the state capital of Ohio, a young man becomes a "certified personal trainer." He begins to provide service in an Upper Arlington club called FitAgain, part of a nationwide chain of so-called health clubs all across the United States and in several countries. A slightly older but young mother comes under his care and receives his services. In the process, the services he delivers to her are substandard and the young mother's fate is sealed. The personal trainer is then confronted by the legal system to address the harm he has caused. He faces two, perhaps even three trials and along the way he is exposed to the courtroom drama brought to bear on his case by judges, bailiffs, lawyers, witnesses and jurors. Flaws in the fitness industry and in the legal system are exposed and revealed in this new legal thriller. At the end, one righteous man is left to mete out justice when all else seemingly fails.
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