Profiles of Ohio Women : 1803-2003

Profiles of Ohio Women : 1803-2003
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The State Of Ohio has produced an impressive number of remarkable women, women who have moved to the forefront of their professions or have enriched their communities or have made a difference in myriad ways. Among the more recognizable names are Toni Morrison, Annie Oakley, Halle Berry, Maya Lin, and Judith Resnick, but there are others as well, less recognizable, perhaps - Florence Ellinwood Allen, Hallie Quinn Brown, and Mary Jobe Akeley - who have made unique and important contributions to our culture. Although women constitute at least half of the population, they are still largely overlooked or underrepresented in documented history. Two Hundred Women from Ohio makes a substantial step in providing a record of women's achievement. Developed by the Ohio Bicentennial Commission's Advisory Council on Women, this collection profiles a few of the many women who have left their imprint on the state, nation, world, and even outer space. It celebrates and documents the achievements of two hundred women of many races, religions, and regions, who have broken barriers and records, been firsts, and started movements and institutions. They are leaders and role models who will inspire al
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November 1, 2003
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