Somewhere In-Between

Somewhere In-Between
"You're not dead, Max. Your body is dead." Max's guardian angel tells him as he is embraced in warm light. After a deadly car accident, fourteen-year-old Max Spencer finds himself in the confusing afterlife, waiting for his kid sister who is in critical condition. While in this state of surprising existence, he learns some interesting realities of heaven and hell, but mostly he learns about a dimension called "The In-Between" where he finds himself trapped with countless other dead people. Max is surprised to find friendship and support in a living schoolmate who he and his friends used to call "Dizzy Lizzie." He also finds guidance and direction from an odd, artistic woman and a bitterly sarcastic spirit guide named Bob. During this journey, Max learns how to let go of his life and family and move toward his final purpose - as one of the warriors determined to help the living by fighting off predatory demons and corrupt In-Betweeners.
Publication Date: 
August 17, 2018
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