Swiping for Love in All the Wrong Places

Swiping for Love in All the Wrong Places

Swipe right for love, swipe left for hilarity, and turn the page to learn about the mayhem of dating.

In Karen Hermann-Cacioppo's dating memoir Swiping For Love in All the Wrong Places we are taken on a whirlwind adventure filled with restaurants, travel and, most importantly, a dreadful series of men who just don't fit the bill for a successful relationship. These men, the "Chad's" of our lives, go from the benign to the outright scary but Hermann-Cacioppo continues her search for love despite its pitfalls.

At times you will scratch your head at the oddity of the human race including Boop Guy, who boops her nose after every word she says, the singing uncle who seems to show up at every date, and the token guys who drink too much and lose their manners. You will be able to relate with our dating tour guide as she travels towards love, and will even have you sharing your own stories before you know it. We will learn how she keeps swiping for love at every turn even when disaster strikes, and she is forced to run in heels back to reality.

Publication Date: 
May 4, 2022