The We and the They

The We and the They

This novel is a very strong debut from Dawkins. She has a wonderful sense of imagination in her work, crafting a world between a Rod Serling Twilight Zone script and a biblical parable. And much like both of those examples, there is a moral center to this novel. The characters are compelled by hunger, but their consumption consumes them, quite literally. Our protagonists, the We, are forced from simple survival to a greater understanding of themselves, while the They, in their enigmatic existence, are directed by a literal fire for greed. This is not to say that the novel doesn't also revel in the uncanny, from metal skin and rusty tears to deals with the devil. It's a powerful concept, handled well by an exciting new author.

"Our collective genesis guides our heartbeat as We run."

With nature reclaiming cities and mountainous tides drowning islands, a group of individuals - known collectively as the We - find themselves ravaged by hunger and struggling to survive. When another community - the They - promise them luxurious meals, the We are unable to decline.

After following the They to their farm, the We begin to notice some mysterious habits: odd sacrifices, talk of flames, and a strange book. Follow along as the We uncover the truth behind the secretive group and learn the most important part of being human.

The We and the They is a fiction novel set in a world crumbling underneath the grip of the Great Famine. You will enjoy this book if you are fascinated by oral tradition, you like considering questions about community and identity, or you just want a break from curating your "I."

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