Wearing My Weird : In the Great White North

Wearing My Weird : In the Great White North
Life is weird! Yep, it sure is. Especially in Canada, where even the money is called "Loony." Journey with me as I share my own personal story about what it's like growing up always feeling a little different. You can move from one country to another, but no matter how far you travel, you can never escape from the true YOU. Hey, take it from me. I tried. In these stories you'll meet real characters from my childhood who were also delightfully strange. That includes my little sister, Mom and Dad, a few quirky friends, my Nana and Soupy, and a big fat cat called Bingo.Yes, life is weird. And there's one thing I learned growing up: It just keeps getting weirder.And I guess so do I
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December 15, 2013