When Love Wins

Ashley Bennett loves being the center of attention but now her world is out of whack at the onset of her cousin Natalie.

Natalie Greene is tumbling in the throes of grief from the loss of her dear mother. In hopes of receiving support from her estranged relatives, she takes a leap of faith and relocates, only to find her presence in her new home barely tolerated.

In When Love Wins Ashley glams us by conquering the world of high-end retailers, naughty night outs, and a cutie forever hanging on her arm. Natalie grounds us with her deep spiritual roots, tender, selfless love and admirable tenacity. But both young women inspire us to meditate on how a mother's influence sows the fabric of who we ultimately become.

This Urban Christian Fiction invites us into a time where hearts are broken and jealousy is an ever-present threat. But even as both girls struggle against a rift that stems from childhood, the desperate need for sisterhood is the triumphant unfolding of a new beginning for this generation.

Publication Date: 
March 25, 2023
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