White Roses: A Fairytale Retold

White Roses: A Fairytale Retold
Sleeping Beauty like you've never seen before... with an Omegaverse edge.

It starts, as fairy tales often do, with a dragon.

Alpha werewolf Landon Bleddyn fought with the beast for three days. Determined to fell the thing that had been terrorizing the mountains and razing fields of grain for months, he pushes himself to the edge. He slays the dragon, but before he can celebrate the win, something comes in off the wind. A scent that immediately grabs his attention and sends him on a new quest.

There was something out there. Someone. An omega. And he wasn't going to rest until he found them.

But when he finds what he needs, the challenges are just beginning. For both Landon the alpha, and for Briar Rhoswen, the omega who has been asleep for a thousand years.

This Adult Fairytale contains themes of the Omegaverse, is intended for audiences 18 and older, and is HEA.

Publication Date: 
July 25, 2023
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