Who Said Jews Aren't Funny : Over 350 of the Funniest Jewish Jokes Ever

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OY VEY!!! My children think I'm Meshugana so before I leave this world I need to prove them wrong. For over 20 years I have collected humorous stories and jokes. My kids would probably just throw them all away after I'm gone. But . . . if I put them in a book, they wouldn't think I was so Meshugana after all. Right? So, here's my second book, "Who Said Jews Aren't Funny?" a compilation of the best of the best of the best Jewish humor I have amassed. This book makes a great gift and belongs in every Jewish home. My first book, "You're Gonna Laugh," published in 2008 is a compilation of general humor. And watch for "Politics Is A Joke" coming out soon."
Publication Date: 
July 17, 2012