Why Are They So Poor? Capitalism: A People's History

Why Are They So Poor? Capitalism: A People's History

In his book, David Singerman travels to the far reaches and recesses of the southern continents of Asia, Africa, and Latin America, the so-called Third World, in order to understand why they are so devastatingly poor. In so doing, his book illuminates the shocking historical and present workings and results of global capitalism, which is essential to understanding how and why we are living in such a lopsided world. Our world is one of imperialism where a few rich nations, perhaps 25% of the globe's population, defying all moral laws, subject the weaker majority to economic, political, military, and environmental degradation, where a few nations enjoy the perks of industrialization and financial monopoly while the others breathe in dust and fumes, where one side amasses wealth and the other side reels in poverty and debt and lives off scraps while enduring seemingly constant war. Is global capitalism the cause of all this? Through a powerful and well-documented economic history of the modern world, Singerman, using not only his voice but the voices of many others as well, provides a conclusive and resounding answer to that question. And, in so doing, the book raises further necessary and urgent questions for all of us.

Publication Date: 
September 22, 2021