Wisdom Warriors
Wisdom WarriorsA culmination of more than twenty short stories designed to address culturally difficult discussions with young African American minds in the 21st Century, Wisdom Warriors cleverly invites parents and young minds into some of today's most challenging conversations. Through the voice of young Skye, author Mary Cole Watson intentionally delves into challenging, often taboo subjects through the eyes of a child. While intertwining the wisdom of grandparents who have watched the world around them change, Watson addresses many of the tough questions burdening today's curious minds. She intrinsically highlights the fact that African American progress has often been achieved at the cost of stomping out the pride and beauty of a culture relegated to crime and shame. Using African American history, as well as cultural traditions and facts, Watson uses Grandpa Marv and Grandma Mary to help Skye - and many children like her - embrace her unique beauty, the value of the lives she encounters and the call to rise above hate and bigotry. Through the insight of these two Warriors of Wisdom, this essayist tackles each conversation with Skye as a training exercise. The goal of Wisdom Warriors is to develop young minds into healthy, self-loving African Americans charged with the responsibility of preserving the importance of the cultural treasures birthed in a nation seeking life, liberty, and justice for all mankind. This book will be a benefit to classrooms, youth programs and diversity & inclusion initiatives within urban, rural and suburban schools. Linda Collins, Retired High School Principal Parents, educators, student advisers, and coaches can use this tool as a resource for how to handle emotional situations with grace, understanding, and confidence. Millicent Connor, Elementary Reading Specialist Wisdom Warriors provides wisdom to all who may need it when faced with a crucial conversation. The news and media don't always provide the best commentary for discussion in homes or at school to create healthy communities and children of color, but Wisdom Warriors does. Enjoy the book and share it with others.
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